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Compare our veterinary discount plan and pet wellness plan to traditional pet health insurance

Pet Assure Veterinary Discount Plan
Mint Wellness by Pet Assure
Pet Insurance
Sick Visits Covered
Wellness Care Covered
Rx & Preventatives Covered
Covers Pre-existing Conditions
Use Same Day
Zero Deductibles
Use at Any Vet
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Sick Visits

Pet Assure and most pet insurance policies cover your pet for visits due to illness or injury. Insurance typically covers the visit and care as long as the illness is not the result of a pre-existing or hereditary condition. Pet Assure covers any and every visit, even if it's a pre-existing condition or a condition due to hereditary factors. Mint Wellness does not provide coverage for accidents and illnesses.

Wellness Visits

Pet Assure and Mint Wellness by Pet Assure cover all types of wellness care, including the office visit, vaccinations and routine screenings. Traditional pet insurance does not cover wellness care. Many pet insurance companies now offer a wellness care add-on for an additional cost.

Pre-existing Conditions

Regardless of your pets' health, Pet Assure will cover them. If you have a Rottweiler prone to hip dysplasia or a cat with urinary tract issues, treatment and procedures will be discounted with a Pet Assure Veterinary Discount Plan. Pets with any diagnosed condition can also be covered with Mint Wellness and all the same routine care services will be reimbursed. Pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Pet Products

Pet Assure's Veterinary Discount Plan does not include savings for any prescriptions or products you take from the vet. Mint Wellness provides reimburesment for flea and tick and heartworm preventatives. Pet Health insurance often uses a formulary to determine which prescriptions will receive coverage under the policy; preventatives may be covered under a routine care rider at an additional cost.

Covered Pet Types

With the Pet Assure Veterinary Discount Plan or Mint Wellness, you can get coverage for any type of pet. Dog, cat, ferret, bird, horse, llama, (you name it!), all at the same price as a dog or cat. Traditional pet insurance usually covers only dogs and cats. Select pet insurance companies have started to offer policies on pets other than dogs and cats.

Use Same Day

With the Pet Assure Veterinary Discount Plan or Mint Wellness, your coverage is effective the day you enroll. Pet insurance plans generally have waiting periods for accidents, illnesses, and cruciate ligament events.


Pet insurance plans require you to meet a deductible before they will reimburse you for covered procedures. Some pet insurance carriers now offer plans with $0 deductibles; choosing this coverage increases the monthly/annual premium. Both Pet Assure plans have no deductibles.

Use at any Veterinarian

Pet insurance and Mint Wellness can be used at any vet. The Pet Assure card is accepted at any of over 5,200 participating veterinarians.